Celine Dion has a rare terminal illness that makes her look like a ‘human statue’

Celine Dion has rare, incurable illness that causing her to resemble 'human statue
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Singer Celine Dion reveals her horrific diagnosis. He has Rigid Personality Syndrome, a rare and incurable condition. People with this condition find their bodies are stuck in a rigid position and are unable to move.

Scientists have not found a cure for this disease, so a person diagnosed with this condition remains for the rest of his life.

Celine, 54, had to cancel her European tour after learning of this dire diagnosis. Fans demanded reasons, so he revealed that he had been diagnosed with Rigid Personality Syndrome.

He started by greeting his fans and telling them how much he missed being on stage and interacting with them. He calls himself an open book who cannot keep secrets from his fans. He told them he wasn’t ready to share the news sooner but had not made a decision yet. He reminds her that she always had health problems. Even so, he remained strong and managed to get on stage. He has overcome all the challenges that life throws at him.

He mentioned that this rare disease affects his daily life and the cramps he experiences are also caused by it. He couldn’t sing as well as he used to because of cramps. He is treated by a smart team of doctors. And not to mention he has his family by his side.

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