The Callisto Protocol Official Game Trailer Launch

The Callisto Protocol. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on December 2nd, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store

The game’s ominous and bloody graphics convey a sense of complete desolation and urgency as players must battle the ghostly creatures that stalk Black Iron just to survive. The general impression of the Callisto Protocol is encouraging. The game is almost here, despite the obstacles it had to overcome including leaving out an entire region from its release plans.

Credit image – WhatifGaming

The cinematics, mocap, and other features of The Callisto Protocol were made possible by Sony

The Callisto Protocol is the first undertaking of the newly founded business, Striking Distance Studios. As a result, it appears the studio turned to Sony for assistance with the game’s cinematics and motion capture, as former director and studio head at Sony’s Visual Arts Services Group, Michael Mumbaur, revealed in response to Zuby Tech on Twitter, who claimed that “The Callisto Protocol Used PlayStation’s Motion Capture Studio!”
“It wasn’t just that the mocap studio was used. They made significant contributions to film and other fields. Will be a banger.

Credit image – Twinfinite

For those who are unaware, this is not the first time a game that was not produced by Sony has utilised the motion capture studio of the firm; previous examples include Titanfall, Resident Evil Village, and a plethora of other titles.

Because motion capture is neither inexpensive nor simple, it is encouraging to see Sony allowing others to use its technology, which will improve and enhance games.

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