The Most Innovative Things Happening With Essex Weather Forecast Predicting Snow

SNOW is expected to hit parts of Essex tonight as the Met Office issues a yellow weather warning.–%2F

Weather warnings have been issued for today and tomorrow, with temperatures remaining chilly across the country.

Essex Weather says the latest Met Office models still show 2-5cm for the Essex section at 10pm tonight.

Lead forecaster guidance suggests this sleet/snow area could be as much as 50 miles to the south or east.
Appears after a yellow warning for snow and ice.

The Met Office issued the alert from 9am today through 9am Monday.

Here’s the weather forecast for East Anglia for today and tomorrow.


Very cold start with areas of ice fog slowly dissipating and may linger all day in some areas. Otherwise, it would eventually clear up in many places, but a mild winter storm with overcast skies in the west is unlikely. Maximum temperature 1°C.


A few clouds and again large areas of ice and wisps of icy fog quickly dissipated in the night. There is a risk of precipitation overnight in the southeast and east. Minimum temperature -3 °C.


It was a cold day and eventually cleared for most, even if the initial wisps of icy fog didn’t clear up in places. It generally stays dry, but there is a risk of winter rains along the coast. Maximum temperature 2°C.

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