The White Lotus season 2 finale: Who is Dies

After weeks of passionate speculation and examining costumes and props, viewers finally have their answer.

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Spoilers ahead for the White Lotus season finale.

After seven weeks of speculation, themed dance parties, and an investigation into suspiciously placed cowboy photos, The White Lotus has revealed who died at the end of what should be a relaxing week of vacation.

The body counting begins on Quentin’s yacht, where Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) discovers what viewers suspect: this gay man, she tells the boat’s captain, is trying to kill them. Nicolo’s black bag turns out to be as suspicious as Tanya thought, and he pulls out a gun to shoot the whiny Quentin (Tom Hollander) and his friends (still finding time to get Quentin to tell him, but not if Greg is having an affair). ).

But it turned out that the body floating in the water the whole time was Tanya. In an attempt to get him to run into the ocean on a boat parked next to the yacht, she ends up banging her head against a railing, drowning and presumably allowing her absent husband Greg (John Giris) to take her money. But at least it stopped some potential killers from doing it.

In the Unpacking Episode 7 section following the episode, series creator Mike White admitted that he didn’t mean to kill Tanya, but “she’s such a wild, larger-than-life female archetype, it felt like we could come up with our own operative title.” about Tanya’s life and stories. And he hinted that Greg’s part of the story may not be over yet – “Looks like someone should be able to trace it back to Greg. But you might have to wait to find out what happened.

The season ends, like the first, with all the big players at the airport and on their way home. The rich and privileged run away again with all their privileges, and Tanya’s spirit lives on in Portia (Haley Lou Richardson), who has escaped every role she should have in the murders and wears a very decent scarf for Tanya every flight home. Reuniting with Albie at the airport and starting a relationship that may not have been the best relationship for either of them also felt like paying tribute to Tanya in its own way.

The open white that prominently placed corpses at the start of every season of The White Lotus is a means of attracting viewers. “When that first season was the cool show that people were talking about, I thought if I only knew, if I put a dead body at the start of Enlightened, maybe people would watch Enlightened,” he told NPR. .

But the magic of The White Lotus is that wild theories about bloody endings (Cameron and Ethan’s jet ski crash? Harper’s violent murder?) don’t get in the way of the dramatic characters who are truly the heart of the series. In a season dedicated to exploring the interplay of sex and power, nearly every character has put themselves in dangerous situations out of love, lust, jealousy, or a combination of these. But while White Lotus isn’t about death, it’s about Jennifer Coolidge – and with season three officially underway, it’s time to imagine what that will be like.

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