Todd and Julie Chrisley go to jail for tax evasion fraud of $30 million

Todd and Julie Chrisley go to jail for tax evasion fraud of $30 million

Todd and Julie Chrisley are sentenced after a $30 million tax evasion fraud charge, with Todd serving a 12-year sentence, while his wife is sentenced to seven years in prison.

Reality TV star Julie Chrisley has been jailed for seven years for tax evasion while his wife has been jailed for seven years.

Todd and Julie Chrisley were both scheduled to surrender Tuesday at separate jails in Florida, though new court records filed in Georgia show the surrender in Lexington, Kentucky.
They had been charged with bank and wire fraud, tax evasion, and a conspiracy more than two years prior. The Assistant U.S. Attorney, Annalise Peters, alleged that the couple had falsely inflated their earnings to obtain more than $30 million in loans from banks and had also hidden funds from the IRS.

Last year, an Atlanta US District Court judge sentenced Todd Chrisley to 12 years in prison and Julie Chrisley to seven years. Afterwards each will have to pay three years’ supervision and restitution.
Todd Chrisley reported Tuesday to FPC Pensacola, Florida’s minimum security prison where he will serve more than a decade. After his time in prison, Chrisley will have three years of supervised release.

Court records show that a judge denied the “Chrisley Knows Best” couple’s appeal to seek bail. The court also rejected his request to postpone the date of his surrender by three more weeks.

Before he went to jail, Todd Chrisley wrote in his Instagram post, titled “HE is Always on Timeā€¦ #FighttheGoodFight.”


Who are Todd and Julie Chrisley?

They are Reality TV star.

Which Show Todd and Julie Started in?

Chrisley Know Best on USA Network.

Todd and Julie Chrisley Net Worth?

Todd and Julie Chrisley Net Worth is 1.5 Million

Todd Chrisley sad news about granddaughter?

Todd Chrisley is making his feelings known about daughter Chloe Chrisley’s future.

Todd and Julie Chrisley kids?

Todd Chrisley has five children named: Lindsey, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.

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