Women should read this message, even if they don’t have cancer, both breasts are cut out, the reason is shocking

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Women often get breast cancer, a dangerous disease like cancer that requires women to remove their breasts, but strange cases are now being revealed, namely women who cut both breasts even though they don’t have cancer. Let us tell you that a woman in Florida, USA, cut both her breasts at the age of 28 and chose to have a flat chest.

This woman, Stephanie Germino, has known since she was 15 years old that she was at risk for breast cancer. When he was 27 years old, he was diagnosed with a BRCA1 gene mutation. His maternal grandmother Teresa, 77, and mother Gabriella, 53, also tested positive for BRCA1.

Explain that BRCA1 gene mutations lead to breast cancer risk. In such a situation, after the BRCA1 gene mutation was confirmed, Stephanie decided to have a double mastectomy at the age of 27 to prevent cancer from growing. He says it wasn’t easy making that decision, but that is nothing but life.

Please tell Stephanie she has a son she says I’m very emotional but I don’t take it as a death sentence.

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